"If you can Imagine it, you can Dream it, you then have the Power to become it”

Marissa Jane prides her work on her wisdom, knowledge and life experiences. She offers a range of self-development workshops, women's circles and has featured as an inspirational guest speaker at many events. Her experience and passion as an Intuitive healer has created an array of outstanding changes for her clients throughout Australia and Internationally.

A Conversation With Marissa Jane

Dancing in the Sunlight


Do you feel your negative thoughts or situations are getting
the better of you?
Do you feel trapped and unable to find a solution to
your problems?
Are you constantly going around the same old roundabout
with your issues and dramas you have in your life?
Well, stop right there! Dancing in the Sunlight is a spiritual toolbox
kit for those who are willing to seek and discover new and positive
ways to live more abundantly.
Learn how to create new patterns and beliefs that will
enhance your life.
Marissa Jane shares her wealth of experience, knowledge
and wisdom, creating the opportunity for you to clear, release
and ignite your soul.
You will be inspired and uplifted as you follow Marissa’s
empowering processes to step out the darkness and find peace,
love and light within.

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Whats On?

Goddess Gathering
We gather once a month to create a safe space to learn tools with Marissa to assist you to achieve peace, overcome fear and manifest success in your life
When: Commencing Friday 17th February
Where:Doula Sanctuary 34 Mills Street Edithvale
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Womens Self Development Circle

When: Every Friday

Where: Doula Sanctuary, 34 Mills Street, Edithvale

Time: 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Price: $40

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Weekly Meditation Class

When: Every Wednesday, commencing Wednesday 1st February

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: Doula Sanctuary  34 Mills Street  Edithvale

Cost: $30

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Marissa Jane’s meditation classes cater for everyone – from first timers to experienced meditators. No experience is necessary. Just the willingness to give yourself permission to purely relax and enjoy.

Weekend Workshop

Embracing Your Intuition – Level 1 and 2

When: Saturday and Sunday 4th and 5th March

10:00am – 4:00pm

Where: Doula Sanctuary  34 Mills Street  Edithvale

Cost: $347 includes Morning Tea on both days

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Dancing in the Sunlight

dancing in the sunlight guided meditation

Guided Meditation CD

Step out of the darkness and into your light

These powerful easy to follow guided meditations will heal, empower and inspire you!

You will be inspired and uplifted as you follow Marissa’s
empowering guided meditations to step out the darkness
and find peace, love and light within.
A selection of healing meditations have been chosen
allowing new and positive ways to clear, releaseaiid ignite your soul.

Protecting your energy
Setting Intention
Exploring your Irmer child
Embracing your Intuition
Manifesting your Abundance
Connecting to your Higher Self

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Magestic Of Love

Guided meditation CD clear your fears, find forgiveness in your heart and allow yourself to experience the sea of love within…

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Dancing in the Sunlight

A spiritual toolbox kit for those who are willing to seek and discover new and positive ways to live more abundantly.

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Products & Services



Marissa Jane offers the best personal development workshops, embracing your Intuition, exploring your inner child and manifesting your abundance…

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Body products

Body Products

A unique combination of Body Products. The all natural ingredients have been chosen and formulated to uplift the soul and to rejuvenate the skin.

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Intuitive Healing


An intuitive healing is non invasive, supportive and an extremely nurturing way to release stress, anxiety, blocks, sabotages and old worn out patterns and beliefs systems.

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Women's Circle

Womens Circle

Come along and enhance your personal wellbeing, in this safe, non-judgmental, loving space. Mix with other like-minded sparkly souls and feel the oneness of this group.

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