Embracing your Intuition – Level One

Everyone possesses the ability to tap into their intuition or sixth sense, even if they are completely unaware of what it is or how to use it. This course is designed to guide & support you, as you awaken your intuition. This fun & enlightening experience will enhance your life & encourage you to tap into the Universal energy to gain relative information for yourself & your loved ones.

Brief outline of the course

  • Connector.

    Enhance your life

    Marissa shows you how to use your intuition to enhance your life.

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    blocks, fears or limiting beliefs

    A variety of processes and healings take place enabling you to clear any blocks, fears or limiting beliefs about yourself or your life.

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    truth and purpose

    You will learn to make better decisions that are inline with your truth and purpose.

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    trusting yourself

    She guides you to begin a process of trusting your self on a deeper level.

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    decoding the messages

    Many fun tasks are set throughout the day, allowing you to begin a process of decoding the messages that you receive.

One Day Workshop

This course is now only run in conjunction with Embracing Your Intuition Level 2


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