Embracing your Intuition – Level Two

‘Embracing your Intuition – level two’ is an extension of the level one. Whereby we will explore and dive in further to learn more about yourself and the secret language of your body. We stretch the intuitive muscles with the fun, creative tasks that have been set throughout the day. A wealth of information is shared and delivered creating space for growth and development.

Brief outline of the course

  • Connector.

    clear away the old...

    A healing process takes place, clearing away old worn out patterns, beliefs and fears.

  • Connector.

    guides, angels and higher self

    We talk in depth about your guides, angels and higher self and recognize the importance of the role they play in our lives.

  • Connector.

    honour your highest good

    Learn to make quick health decisions that honour your highest good.

  • Connector.

    expand your awareness

    Expand your awareness with many of the exercises that Marissa has integrated into the day.

One Day workshop

The completion of level one is a pre-requirement before booking into level two..

Expand your awareness, embrace your inner wisdom and shine in your new founded knowing…..

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