Exploring your Inner Child

‘Exploring your Inner Child’ is a very nurturing and healing workshop, whereby you will begin a process of connecting, healing and validating your inner child on a very deep level.

The inner child needs to be loved and honoured regardless of the circumstances you may have experienced as a child. The inner child still resides within you, waiting for you to connect with he/she. Marissa creates this opportunity for you, in a very safe, loving and peaceful space she provides. She has a special way of connecting with her clients in a very professional yet compassionate manner.

A large part of your healing journey is to connect with your beautiful inner child. Throughout the day you will form a special bond and relationship with your inner child at various ages, there will be opportunities for you to heal, validate and learn more about yourself, as you dive deep within to explore and learn more about who you are.

Brief outline of the course

  • Connector.

    exploring the inner child

    We will explore what the inner child is. It’s role in your life and the importance of starting a relationship with he/she.

  • Connector.

    connect, align and heal...

    You will connect, align and begin a healing process.

  • Connector.

    create a beautiful relationship

    You will begin to create a beautiful relationship with your inner child throughout the day.

  • Connector.

    hands on activities

    Many tools and fun hands on activities are set throughout the day.

  • Connector.

    wealth of wisdom

    A wealth of wisdom is shared and delivered.

One Day workshop

Nurture your inner child and lead it into the light…


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