Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing is non invasive, supportive and an extremely nurturing way to release stress, anxiety, blocks, sabotages and old worn out patterns and beliefs systems.

Marissa Jane tunes into the energies of your body to access the situation at present and will bring about many reasons why you could be feeling a certain way on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A healing will increase your awareness of self, your energy levels will be restored and a greater sense of peace and relaxation can be felt within.

An intuitive healing is a beautiful way to release old traumas, pain, grief and suffering. A very gentle approach is taken supporting you on all levels through this process. Releasing the energy that is keeping you stuck in the past can also have significant changes on your health and wellbeing.

Look at it like having a clear out of all the things in your life that no serve your highest good. You actually feel so much lighter, more energized and a greater sense of happiness is felt. Marissa sees a variety of clients being male and female that present with a vast range of issues. E.g. Making huge life changing decisions, loss of family or friends, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck in in the past, sadness and a feeling of being lost, to name a few. She assists her clients to live more in their truth and guides them on their path and purpose in life. She enriches and empowers those who dare to seek her guidance knowledge and wisdom.

Come and experience that an intuitive healing one on one session, it is so beneficial for your mental, physical and emotional health. Your soul will thank you for it!

Pricing for new clients

Pricing for returning clients

“After just one session with Marissa I felt amazing; physically lighter & clearer in my thoughts. She has helped me start my journey for my life path & I will continue to seek her guidance along the way.” – Belinda


My Journey first started with Marissa over a year ago, when I began seeing her for one on one healing sessions. As time went by, more and more shifts started to happen within me energetically. My life was changing. The messages she channeled from the angels and guides were so amazing this lead me to finding my own gifts as a light worker & healer. After a few months I had really started to stand in my Light and started doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Things were happening fast!! I really had begun to claim my power and realize that I could do whatever I wanted with the tools she taught me.
Thank YOU Marissa for all your Help!
Much Love, Light and Blessings,
John Chrystal