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Sharing a sneak peek of my self-development book “Dancing In The Sunlight” to be released before Christmas 2015. Stay tuned for release dates. Enjoy!

The subject of spirituality brings up a lot of conflict for some people and pure excitement for others. We are all made up of our mind, body and soul. If you choose – or have the calling – to explore more about your spiritual self, an instinctive feeling of searching can arise. You may find yourself reading and educating yourself on self-help topics to feed your soul and nurture growth and expansion.

I describe spirituality like this: we all have a body, a mind and a soul. Learning about spirituality is in actual fact learning about your soul. It involves diving in deeper to discover and awaken to yourself in a way that can be quite confronting yet on the other hand an amazing life changing experience. Learning about yourself and tapping into the universal love and energy heals the soul and lets us create a life as it is supposed to be lived.

When you have a calling or a pull to explore your spiritual self, it is really the soul calling for you to begin the journey within. It is time to explore yourself on a deep level and awaken to new ways of being. The soul guides you to a variety of experiences, people and places to enable this awakening to occur. It will always encourage you to learn develop and grow.

Many people on this Earth are in great fear about spirituality and think that it is a bunch of hogwash. It is purely their choice not to awaken and broaden their views and start a deeper relationship with themselves. In my experience, many of the non-believers live in a place of fear. Even mention of the word spiritual can trigger many emotions for such people, and they may react as if you are from another planet.

So why is this so? There is a combination of reasons why this could be. If you look back around 40 years, being spiritually inclined was frowned upon as if you were actually going nuts. As time has gone on and humanity has evolved, many people have awakened to a great interest in learning more about spirituality.

Mass awakening are taking place on Earth right now. Many are noticing that there are more spiritually open people walking around wanting to learn more about themselves and this fascinating topic.

Yet many people can be described as the walking dead. They are the non-awakened people. They’re living in mind and body but haven’t as yet connected to their soul. Some people go through their whole life this way and can be quite content. Some of the factors that contribute to people not awakening are as follows:

The age of their soul

Their soul’s purpose in this lifetime

The influences and experiences that have affected them in this lifetimeReligion

Family beliefs

Personal beliefs

Past life traumas




Spirituality is not a competition..follow your own heart and soul.