Women’s Self-Development Circle

This is a circle that Marissa has created to bring women together in the community to help bring back a place of support and nurturing. The circle meets once a week – a new topic is learnt and discussed. Fun informative processes and hands on activities are set to help support you on your journey.

Come along and enhance your personal wellbeing, in this safe, non-judgmental, loving space. Mix with other like-minded sparkly souls and feel the oneness of this group.


Goddess Gathering

This is a circle that Marissa creates to bring women together in a community to help restore them to a place of love, growth and nurturing in this safe, non-judgmental, loving space.

This group meets once a month to share stories and learn spiritual tools to help each participant feel more empowered and more connected.


“I just want to say thank you for running such a beautiful group. How blessed we all are to have you mentor us in our journey. I could really feel the impact today on Joanne and the freedom she felt to be able to express her deepest feelings about her life. You nurture us with such love, kindness and compassion. Thank you, thank you, thank you….
Lots of love Sue”Sue
“Marissa Jane is an earth angel, she has guided me in many areas of my life with shedding old parts of myself that were holding me back from receiving the abundant fruitful life of self love and releasing the past. She has been such a supportive guidance with the discovering of who I am and my purpose. I look forward to attending Marissa’s Woman’s Circle every week, I get the chance to meet new beautiful like minded woman and create a beautiful space together”Tara Churchill


“After just one session with Marissa I felt amazing; physically lighter & clearer in my thoughts. She has helped me start my journey for my life path & I will continue to seek her guidance along the way.” – Belinda